La Rajade is situated in the eastern slopes of Friuli in the Judrio valley, along the Slovenian border, immediately close to the first forests. This is the furthest northern part of the Collio where nature dominates and marks the rhythm of time. The company’s name itself, which means a sun ray, says much about us.
Just as a sun ray is the start of life for a grape plant and for all its surrounding nature, we too, in the same way, seriously dedicating ourselves to the respect of nature, reflect our passion for this reality so, whoever knows us, really understands what the warmth of La Rajade means.
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The Environment

The Collio land is made up mainly of a mixture of soft sandstone and malm soils. “Ponka” is the definition in the friulan language. This land which is rich of mineral salts, is easy to break into small particles which, with atmospheric events, dissolves itself into the clay earth.

A unique place in the world. Collio is the geographic hilly area that is situated between the Isonzo river and its right affluent, the Judrio river, a suggestive strip of land made up of small hills, not more than 200 mt. high and which continues along the border between Friuli and Slovenia, from Gorizia to
the high mountains. This little part of Friuli Venzia Giulia has always been considered amongst the most favourable areas for vineyards considering its rich land and unique and suitable micro climate. The hills are in fact protected in the North by the Giulian prealps and in the South by the Adriatic sea, only a few kilometres away from each other.


The Vineyards

The plant roots are attached to the slopes called Petrus, at the south-east side, and continue one plot after another into the valley, following the morphologic hills, thereby creating arches which receive gradually sunlight during the day. Their growth (guyot), trimming, leaf handling and adversity fighting and finally harvesting are all carried out with great attention and care by hand, perfectly combined with the vital cycle of the plants.

piantinaThe exposition and direction of the rows, the soil, the wind which gently blows, the sun which gently warms the valley, the
thermal excursion which feed the vegetative cycle, all regulate perfectly the unique micro climate that allows to obtain richly aromatic wines with elegant complexity.

The Company

Technology and modern equipment have been introduced during the 1999 renovation and permits working with respect and evaluating the grape qualities obtained from the vineyard. Our aim is based on severe control in the fermentation stage and during the elevation both for obtaining white and red quality wines.

felicità, come un vino pregiato, deve essere assaporata sorso a sorso”

(L. Feuerbach)


Azienda Agricola “LA RAJADE” srl Soc. Agricola
Località Petrus, 2 – 34070 Dolegna del Collio ( Go) – ITALY

Tel e Fax +39 0481 639273

Pone Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:00​

​Saturday and Sunday open for groups on booking


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