25 October, 2018

Bibenda 2018

The Judrio river valley, on the border with Slovenia, is a small territory that delimits the northernmost border of Collio. Here the land is a mix of sandstone and marl, rich in clays and mineral salts: in the Friulian dialect there is even a term to identify it, “ponca”. This corner of Friuli enjoys a particularly happy microclimate, sheltered from the climatic excesses from the Julian pre-Alps to the north and from the Adriatic to the south. The vineyards of La Rajade are rooted in the Rio Petrus and fully enjoy this position. Few hectares, six in all, managed with passion and enthusiasm by the Campeotto and Faurlin families. Wines characterized and representative, with a marked territorial identity in their case. La Rajade is the dialect term that indicates the ray of sunshine, the same sun that shines as a logo in all the labels. Good wishes for the future!