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ouw winery and it's history

It was back in 2005 the Campeotto and Faurlin families, owners of a very important company that had established itself worldwide but with never-ending peasant roots, decided to acquire the winery LA RAJADE with the specific intention of making it a flagship in the wine scene of Collio.


The goal we pursue every day is to enhance our territory by enclosing it in a wine that expresses the elegant, mineral, fruity and floral complexities that evolve and complement each other during the tasting, creating a network of persistence and flavors.

La Rajade Winery.jpg
Il lavoro in vigna


attention to every detail

Our task is to take care of all the phases: in winter with pruning, in summer with the management of the leaf and the bunch up to the harvest, which is all done manually in boxes.

The vinifications are then aimed at maintaining and above all enhancing the quality of the grapes we get from our vineyards.

Each vinification is conducted separately and in different way depending on the origin area of the grapes, only one month before bottling the different tanks are combined in the right proportions.


the perfect place to grow our grapes

The plant roots are attached to the slopes called Petrus, at the south-east side,  continue into the valley following the hills and creating arches which receive gradually sunlight during the day.


Their growth (guyot), trimming, leaf handling and adversity fighting and finally harvesting are all carried out with great attention and care by hand, perfectly combined with the vital cycle of the plants.

The exposition and direction of the rows, the soil, the wind which gently blows, the sun which gently warms the valley, the thermal excursion which feed the vegetative cycle, all regulate perfectly the unique micro climate that allows to obtain richly aromatic wines with elegant complexity.

Il vigneto

THe cellar

where tradition and modernity meet

Modern technologies and equipment introduced with modernization in 1999, allow us to work in the respect and enhancement of the quality of the grapes obtained in the vineyard.


Our goal is the meticulous control in fermentation and refinement for both white and red wine making.


A cozy tasting room is always ready to accommodate anyone who would like to appreciate, deepen and savor the warmth of a territory enclosed within a beautiful glass of wine.

Caprizi in Barriques room.jpg
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