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the territory

Collio, a unique place in the world

Collio is the geographic hilly area that is situated between the Isonzo river and its right affluent, the Judrio river, a suggestive strip of land made up of small hills, not more than 200 mt. high and which continues along the border between Friuli and Slovenia, from Gorizia to the high mountains.


This little part of Friuli Venzia Giulia has always been considered amongst the most favourable areas for vineyards considering its rich land and unique and suitable micro climate.


The hills are in fact protected in the North by the Giulian prealps and in the South by the Adriatic sea, only a few kilometres away from each other.


The Ponka

the soil that makes our wines so rich

The Collio land is made up mainly of a mixture of soft sandstone and malm soils. “Ponka” is the definition in the friulan language.

"Ponca" is a stratification of light gray-brown marne-sandstone, of Eocene origin, rich in calcium carbonate, essential nutrition for the vine and which gives the wines mineral, aromatic and great sapidity.

These kind of soil, rich in minerals, can be easily crumbled into scaly fragments - as a result of atmospheric phenomena - to dissolve in clay soil.

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